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Sheel Chand Agroils (P) Ltd.  

With a motto to offer highly qualitative vegetable oils that ensure purity, good taste, and a high nutritive value, Sheel Chand Agroils Pvt. Ltd. stepped ahead in 1994. Being a reputed manufacturer of high quality Hamara Vanaspati Oil, Aleg Vanaspati, and Stearic Acid, we have uncompromising attitude towards the quality of products. The complete product range is made with the help of modern techniques and methods to keep their purity and freshness. For manufacturing, our company imports raw material from Malaysia. 

Item - Stearic Acid (S. K. Grade)
Sr. Analysis Parameters Specification Results
01 Appearance, at 25 UC White  
02 Colour, Lovibond 2 " Cell 1.5 (Max.) 0.80 (OR)
03 Acid number, mg of KOH7 gms 202 - 205 208.16
04 Saponification number, mg of KOH / gms 203-206 209.32
05 Iodine number, gms of l2/100 gms 2.0 (Max.) 0.88
06 Unsap matter, % by wt. 0.8%(Max.) 0.71
07 Titre, (°C) 54-56 54.5°C
09 Fatty Acid composition, % by GLC   -
10 C 14:0   -
11 C 16:0   -
12 C 18:0   -
13 Others   -