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S V Plastochem Pvt. Ltd.
S V Plastochem Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of Tin Based Compounds in India. Promoted by eminent Chemical Engineers having  experience in chemical field. The company has established itself, as a reliable source for all your major chemical needs. The company is situated near Nashik City in Maharashtra state of India, which has tremendous facilities towards industrial developments. The company's commitment to on-time supply of consistent quality products and services has achieved nearly 100% growth in turnover each year by skillful handling of existing facilities. Our dedicated application center is well equipped to provide customer satisfaction for value adding besides technical assistance for specialized application. 
Butyl Tin Stabilisers
Grade Chemical Name Appearance Tin Content Specific Gravity Refractive Index Applications
STS-1 Butyl Tin Mercaptide Pale Yellow Liquid 15-16% 1.08-1.1 1.48-1.52 PVC Heat stabiliser for Soft films,
Hoses, Tubings & Injection Mouldings
STS-1AM Butyl Tin Mercaptide Pale Yellow Liquid 18-18.5% 1.1 -1.13 1.48-1.49 PVC Heat stabiliser for Rigid/
Soft films, Hoses, Tubings,
Injection Mouldings
STS-101 Di Butyl Tin Dilaurate Pale Yellow Liquid 18-19% 1.045-1.065 1.45-1.46 Processing of Rigid & Plasticized
PVC. Excellent light stabiliser
STS-102 Di Butyl Tin Maleate Pale Yellow Liquid 16.5-17.5% 1.15-1.16 1.48-1.495 Stabilisers for PVC /
ABS, excellent light stability
PVC Stabilisers (Food Grade):
Grade Chemical Name Appearance Metal Content Specific Gravity Refractive Index Applications
STS-2 Octyl Tin Mercaptide Light Yellow Liquid 15-15.5% 1.08 (+ 0.02%) 1.449-1.456 PVC Stabiliser for food grade, Films, Tubes, Mouldings
STS-102A Octyl Tin Maleate Yellow viscous liquid 17.5-18.5% 1.190-1.198 1.483-1.493 Odourless PVC Stabilizer for food grade applications
CZ Calcium-Zinc Creamish Paste 2.2 - 2.4% 0.98-1.0   Food grade, Odourless applications such as Films, Profiles, Tubings, Toys
Complex Metal Stabilisers:
Grade Chemical Name Appearance
STS - 103 Antimony Mercaptide

PVC Stabilisers for Fittings