Our Sister Concern - Akash Chemicals & Polymers

Our Sister Concern - Akash Chemicals & Polymers

Epoxidised Soyabean Oil

In vinyl compounds it provides plasticizing and stabilizing action against degradation by heat and light as well as it provides excellent auxiliary vinyl stability. It has high molecular weight and improves the ultraviolet light durability of vinyl compounds. It provides combination of excellent stability and Plasticizers performance property.


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Application - Common Applicaions of Epoxidised Soyabean Oil are -

As a Plasticizer and stabilizers
Resistance to heat degradation
Provides supplementary protection in lead, zinc and tin stabilized vinyl compounds
In non toxic food grade applications
As a co-stabilizer in conjunction with Barium cadmium and Tin stabilizers
As a part replacement of phthalate Plasticizers
In calendering and extrusion it improves flow properties of rigid PVC compound
To reduce surface tack on the finished article
As a stabilizer in various Pesticide formulations

Uses - It can be used in -

PVC Foot Wear
PVC Blown Films
PVC Cable And Compounds
Suction Pipes
Transperent Garden Hoses
Chlorinated Paraffin
Vinyl Flooring

Packing -

Packed in 200 kg HM-HDPE DRUMS

Kanamoll : Epoxidized Soyabean Oil - (Kanamoll-620 / Kanamoll-650)

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